Personalised Magic Meditation for Kids

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Personalised Magic Meditation for Kids

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Many children have an issue with low self worth, low self esteem and poor body confidence.

A personalised Magic Meditation will help your child not just to know they’re loveable, enough and perfect just the way they are, but to also think, feel and act this way every single day.

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What would your child’s life be like if they believed in themselvesf?

How would they feel if they loved and accepted themselves just as they are?

How would their days at school be different if they felt empowered to believe they are enough regardless of their report card, their sporting achievements or their friends?

These are all questions we ask ourselves as Mum’s.

There are times when we lay awake at night worrying about how our children will cope in a world that can be so cruel at times.

A personalised 21 Day Magic Meditation Journey will empower your child to believe they are enough, they are confident, they are loveable and that their body is perfect just as it is.

This is a gift that will continue to give to her everyday for the rest of her life.

The Personalised 21 Day Magic Meditation Journey includes:
1. An instructional Video to support you as the parent to helping your child through the meditation and over the next 21 days; and
2. A personalised Magic Meditation Recording to listen to everyday for 21 Days

Give this gift to your child today.