Episode 047: Why Having Faith in an Unseen Future is so Hard

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You know when you first decide you're going to manifest something and it scares the pants off you? I have those moments all the time. They're totally normal too. But when you buy into the fear and allow it to dictate every thought, feeling and action, you've got a problem. Faith is the answer to your fears, but for most Mum's, believing in themselves, believing in The Universe and believing that what you want is actually going to show up is sometimes a bit tricky.

There's good reason for this and I want to help you understand why having faith in an unseen future is so hard. So, kick back with a cuppa and let's chat.

In this episode you'll discover;

  • The most common limiting belief you have that's making faith so hard;

  • Why your brain just doesn't want you to be happy (boo brain); and

  • Most importantly, how to practice having faith;

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