Episode 037: Feel.Heal.Be with Tahls Gough of Our Calm Place

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Healing is such an important part of manifesting. Whilst the connection might not be obvious to you, trust me the connection is strong. Until you heal that part of you, that inner child that is still holding onto the beliefs she has from when she was only 3,6, or 9 years old, you'll continue to struggle and feel stuck. If you're ready to let go, feel, heal and then be, this episode is just for you.

Today I'm joined by Tahls Gough from Our Calm Place. Fellow healer, manifesting Mum and all round beautiful soul, Tahls is honest, gentle and heartfelt.

In this week's episode, Tahls shares her own journey in healing and how she helps heal others through the acknowledgment of emotions as a GPS to what needs to be healed.

In this episode you'll discover;

  • How our emotional pain can manifest;

  • How important honouring your feelings are in healing; and

  • Why becoming an expert on yourself is the focus you need.