Episode 039: Confidence is for EVERYONE with Bron Sheridan

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Confidence is about knowing yourself and owning yourself ... just as you are! How nice would it be to step into your confidence to be who you are so you can create what you want to create?

Confidence isn't just for "those girls". It's for everyone and my guest on this week's episode not only proves it but shares with you how.

Today I'm joined by Bron Sheridan from bronsheridan.com and @realmumstyle. She oozes confidence but not that 'eeky' fake confidence you see plastered all over Instagram. True, natural and genuine confidence that can only come from within. We talk all things confidence with a bit of manifesting thrown in.

In this episode you'll discover;

  • The power of not giving a sh%t what other people think;

  • How to step your way into your own unique confidence; and

  • The importance of not talking mean to yourself.