Episode 030: Being Unapologetically YOU with Jazze Jervis

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Hold onto your seats Mumma's. This episode is a BIG one and there are inspiration bombs dropping left, right and centre.

Let me remind you, there is only one of YOU. There has never been another and will never be another. But somewhere along the way, you started worrying about what other people thought of you more than what you think of you. You lost yourself a little bit and in your uncertainty you lost your confidence.

It's time to regain it and step the EFF into your power to be unapologetically YOU and I have just the woman to lead you.

Jazze Jervis is a mum of one terror (Clementine), husband to a real life giant (Tom), lawyer, essential oil convert and chief mum-boss at The Calm Compound.

Jazze is a huge advocate for being authentically you, manifesting your wildest dreams, and staying in your own lane!