Episode 044: Becoming a Vibrational Match

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Are you the type of Mum that tries really hard to think abundantly, joyfully and calmly and then spends most of the day frazzled, overwhelmed and in scarcity?

If that's you, then you're not being a vibrational match to anything good and chances are you're seeing more of what you don't want than what you want show up in your life.

You're an energetic being and your energy is the most critical element of your existence. When you get it in the 'sweet spot' watch how quickly your manifestations begin to show up in your life.

In this episode you'll discover;

  • That you've got your focus all wrong when it comes to manifesting;

  • How to match your vibration with what you want; and

  • The unlimited potential that is available to you if you just let go.