Episode 046: Letting Go and Surrendering to the Flow

Ep 46

Imagine just for a moment that you felt flow and ease in your life. How would life show up for you? What inspired actions would you confidently be taking?

Well that flow and ease is available to you. It's available to all of us. You don't need to be someone special and this week's guest on the Podcast, although amazing, is just a normal Mum with young children who has a passion for sharing her gifts with the world. Emily Aarons is a Intuitive Healer and Psychic Biz Coach and she teaches people how to connect with their own intuition using Meditation. This conversation is full of simple pieces of advice and speaking with Emily is like sitting down with your best girlfriends and a glass of wine. It's just easy.

In this episode you'll discover;

  • Why the answers lie in the silence;

  • How to start meditating today in just 1minute; and

  • The presence of signs all around you.

To connect with Emily and start learning more, please visit www.emilyaarons.com or visit her on Instagram @emilyaarons and Facebook.