Episode 62: Everything is Within You with Liz Gallagher and Jessica Gray

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I’ve got a great episode for you today as I am joined by two beautiful souls, Liz Gallagher and Jessica Gray to talk all things manifesting and motherhood.

 I met these two ladies whilst doing the Transformational Coaching Program with Jim Fortin last year and we formed a small mastermind for a few months to support each other in business and life.

In this episode we go talk all things manifesting, mindset and motherhood as we riff on:


·      Why you’re stronger than you think

·      The magic that is within you and around you

·      How to do what feels right for you

·      The beauty that is present in your life

·      And the power of gratitude


You’re going to love this chat as much as I enjoyed having it.

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See you again soon for the next episode