Episode 048: How to Manifest REAL Wealth

Episode 48.png

Find yourself on a constant financial rollercoaster?  Maybe you don’t want to talk about money, think about money or deal with any of your money problems?  I get it.  That was me!


But, 12 months ago I made one of the most important decisions of my life.  I decided that I could no longer stand my relationship with money.  Something had to change.  I initially thought it was money’s fault and it needed to change, but I soon realised that it was my responsibility and that I was the one that needed to change in the relationship and so began an EPIC journey into changing my worth and wealth consciousness and today, on the Podcast I’m sharing some of that journey with you.


You see, you think that money is the problem AND the solution. It’s actually neither and through my journey, I want to help you see that focusing on trying to fix money is creating more problems for you. So grab a bottle of wine (you might need it for this one) or a strong cup of coffee and let's chat.


In this episode you'll discover;

  • My journey from riddle with money worries to feeling free;

  • Why having more money changes NOTHING; and

  • Most importantly, where to focus your attention to change it all.

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