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Do you find yourself…

→ Scared to spend money (especially on yourself)?

→ Always unable to afford what you really want?

→ Struggling week to week, month to month for no reason?

→ Freaking out when an unexpected bill shows up?

→ Blocked when it comes to earning what you’re worth?

→ Always having just enough?

→ And totally sick of living life this way?

If you can relate to this, then you’re in the right place.

I decided to invest in improving my lack and scarcity mindset because I was sick of money never showing up in my life the way I wanted.

I would avoid opening my mail in case it was an unexpected bill that we hadn’t budgeted for.

I constantly stressed and worried about money.

I was scared to spend money in case it ran out and I was constantly telling my kids that we couldn’t afford things.

I remember standing in the kitchen of my home, tears welling up in my eyes as I told my husband that I just couldn’t keep living like this.

So, with fear and uncertainty at the forefront of my mind (it can feel hard investing in yourself when you are scared of money running out), I put our credit card details in the checkout and hit INVEST.

And I’m so glad I did.  Now 18 months on, my mindset around money has shifted so monumentally that my husband sometimes doesn’t even recognise me when I talk.

Not only that, but I now actually attract money into our lives easily and effortlessly (even in my sleep).

I never have to say “I can’t afford it” to my kids anymore and I now get to teach them to have an abundant mindset, knowing that riches and wealth is available to them in whatever way they decide.

This is what freedom feels like.

Now I want to take my obsession with learning about the energy of money, combined with my expertise in Coaching women for over 13 years and my detailed knowledge of Manifesting and gift it to you in my new program

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If you desire to


→ Let go of your money struggles

→ Reprogram and release your fears around money

→ Rewrite your money stories and your future

→ Rapidly transform your limiting money beliefs

→ Increase your confidence

→ Learn to align and live in a state of flow

→ Know how to become a vibrational match for money

→ Elevate your understanding of how to manifest money

→ And uplevel your life

Then this Bootcamp is for you!

Included in your Bootcamp program are…

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6 x Coaching sessions delivered live and recorded for you to watch over again…

  • Live Coaching Session 1: The Truth of Your Money Reality

  • Live Coaching Session 2: The Energy of Money

  • Live Coaching Session 3: Clearing your Money Blocks

  • Live Coaching Session 4: Upgrading to Abundance

  • Live Coaching Session 5: Aligned and at Ease 

  • Live Coaching Session 6: Become a Magnet for Money

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3 x belief clearing and manifestation meditations

  • Drop your money struggle belief clearing audio

  • Aligned & Abundant Transformational Meditation

  • Money Magnet Meditation

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  • Lifetime Access

  • Bootcamp Facebook Community 

  • All content upgrades


TOTAL VALUE is $1,555

Sign up today and get instant access to my 4 part video training ‘Think Your Dreams to Life’ to begin transforming your mindset and letting go of your struggles immediately.